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VISTA high performance bearing for Wheel Hub

vista bearing for Wheel Hub

Traditional automobile wheel bearings are composed of two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings. The installation, oiling, sealing and clearance adjustment of the bearings are all carried out on the automobile production line. This structure makes it difficult to assemble in automobile production plants, high cost, and poor reliability, and the bearings need to be cleaned, oiled and adjusted when the automobile is maintained at the repair point.

Ball bearings are developed on the basis of standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. It combines two sets of bearings as a whole. It has good assembly performance, can omit clearance adjustment, light weight, compact structure, and large load capacity. , To seal the bearing, it can be loaded with grease in advance, the external hub seal is omitted, and the maintenance is free. It has been widely used in cars, and there is a tendency to gradually expand its application in trucks.


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